I Don't Care About Women Anymore. Do I Have A Problem?


Look I'm not gay. I'm heterosexual and I've had sexual experiences with females. But honestly, only the first times were interesting due to the anticipation, but after that the experience didn't have that excitement anymore and the excitement decreased in proportion to more experiences. I honestly don't see the value of women anymore. I have gotten to the point where I'm wondering why anyone even wants to have a girlfriend. Like objectively speaking, it just like adding unnecessary burden to your life. The people that need partners are the women not the men, because unlike men the happiness of a woman depends on it. It's a deeply instinctual desire. I've kissed so many times that the mere thought of kissing makes me feel like vomiting. I really despise female company now because I don't see any benefit in it. Not only does it take time away from other more important things I should be doing, it's not really as fun as most guys make it out to be. Like if you are with a woman these are the things you do: Kiss, cuddle, suck breast, receive Mouth Action, finger and sex. I've done these things so many times that it's so boring now. I see guys everyday spend money lavishly on women, some even have women as their motivation to be financially successful so they can spend on them. It's like a very unfair deal. And most guys just take it. Women get the comfort, emotional security, male company that they desperately need, sex, and financial benefits, and all I get is sex? Sex that I don't even like anymore. I'm not speaking from a place of rejection. I'm not saying all this because I've had it bad with women or had my heart broken many times. Actually it's usually me doing the heart breaking, because I've never fallen in love with any women. I've had lots of women declare love for me, tell me how much they are into me and all that shit and to be honest, getting girls is one of the easiest things for me. Maybe that's why I don't have interest anymore because I'm playing the game in easy mode all the time. It's like I live in an entirely different reality from other guys. Every guy I know is hyperfocused on the female gender, while I'm just not interested anymore. It's like I can see the true nature of the male-female reality and I don't give a fuçk anymore. Yesterday I had a girl overtly seduce me. She kept walking to and fro along the range of my view and shaking her ass so I'll notice her. I just laughed and ignored her. I have multiple girls I could call right now to come over today and fuçk and they'll be eager to, because they are all into me, but I've lost interest in them and women in general. Women don't interest me anymore.

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