Top Tourist Destinations In Nigeria For Your Next Trip

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Nigeria is blessed with beautiful landscapes and breathtaking natural sceneries, including mountains and beaches. It is home to a rich diversity of UNESCO heritage sites, thus making Nigeria a tourist haven for tourists all over the world. Below is a list of popular tourist sites in Nigeria worth visiting or placing on your bucket list. Top Tourist Destinations In Nigeria 1. Lekki Conservation Centre 2. Yankari Game Reserve Yankari Game Reserve is located in the Northern parts of Nigeria. It is a park for game lovers as there are amazing varieties of games roaming the plains freely. Popular games you will come across include African giant elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, etc. In fact, the park is also home to a museum, caves, and interconnecting wells. The park is also back to Wikki warm spring with clear, warm water at 310C; a delight for the swimmers. 3. Obudu Mountain Resort (Obudu Cattle Ranch) Obudu Cattle ranch is situated in Cross rivers state, close to the Cameroonian border in the southern parts of Nigeria. Visitors from within and outside the country troop to the resort on the plateau for its fantastically cool micro-climate. The Obudu hills give visitors a breathtaking view of the beautiful landscapes surrounding the plateau. It also makes an excellent camping ground for fun lovers. 4. The Ancient NOK Settlement The ancient NOK settlement dates back to the early iron age. Several NOK terracotta sculptures are scattered in museums all over the world. The remains of the NOK settlement is still in existence in Kaduna, a state in the North-central part of Nigeria, serving as a tourist attraction due to the advanced irons smelting skills of the ancient NOKs who occupied the area as far back as 1500BC. 5. Osun Sacred Grove This is a sacred forest area in Osun, a southwestern state in Nigeria. It is a world heritage site that attracts visitors from every sphere of the world, especially during the festival of the fertility goddess whose shrines are scattered in the sacred forest. As a visitor, you get to observe the rich cultural diversity of the Yoruba race, and also explore the caves and shrines scattered in the sacred forest. 6. Ancient Kano City Wall Kano still boasts of ancient city walls that had been standing since the trans-Saharan slave days. As a tourist, you get to see houses built in the medieval Hausa architectural style with narrow streets. 7. Mambilla Plateau The Mambilla Plateau in Taraba is 1,830 meters above sea level with temperate climate, beautiful landscape and sceneries, are the major attracting factor for tourists. Also, temperate crops such as – coffee, tea, apples, strawberries, etc. – flourish on the plateau due to its temperate climate.

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