The Magic Word Every Nigerian Lady Falls For


Lately I have stopped talking too much when it comes to women matters .. I can boldly tell you right now that there is no Nigerian lady I can't date , whether online or offline , when I meet them I just tell them the magic word "send your account number".... Nigerian ladies have this poverty mentality that any man that has money and wants to help them is God's sent .. it doesn't matter whether shes in a relationship or not she will cheat for the money in most cases she will dump her partner for her "God sent " man When I meet a pretty lady online and I want to get her attention I just send the magic word and like magic she will reply even before you finish typing .... the response usually comes in twos.. (1). The classy ones will tell you "I don't know you and you're asking for my account number" pls who are you ? or sometimes they tell you "Pls did I tell u I need money?_ All na scam.and shakara because from there the conversation begins usually ,I just make her feel comfortable and tell her how I'm a busy guy and all and then ask for us to meet which they always agreed.. but trust me she will still remind you of that account number you asked for .. (2) The cheap ones , you know them .. they will first send account number before asking who are you ?.... But if you're reading this and you think all I do is send money to women then you're very wrong .. I don't t send money ... To sleep with most Nigerian Girls you don't need money but u need to act like you have it .... #thinkaboutit

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