Disaster Preparedness Plan


Its clear that no matter where you live, you have to have a disaster preparedness plan. The world/weather is becoming more unpredictable. Some tips: 1. Have a disaster prep plan that your whole family knows. Teach tournament kids where exits are, how to escape plan. 2. Teach family private code for danger i.e code word 3. Keep fire extinguishers in car, house. Teach PASS. (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Spray) 4. Teach kids to stop, drop, roll if on fire 5. Do fire drills with family so they know what to do. 6.Train kids to call emergency services / 7. Store at least 7 days of water in plastic containers or tank 8. Have a radio and batteries - know your emergency stations 9. Have emergency lanterns and batteries to last a week. 10. Store dry non perishable food ie. dry grains, cereals, canned food, essentials CPR 11. Store basic emergency medicines esp is you have chronic illness. 12. Have a well equipped first aid kit, incl bandages, antiseptics, charcoal tabs, splints, antibiotic ointment. 13. If you have babies, have backup diapers, baby food etc Continue Reading INTERESTING TIMES: Disaster Preparedness Plan

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