Start The Construction Of Smart Venues


Start the construction of smart venues The water cube has been upgraded to meet the requirements of the Winter Olympics. Bird's nest creates smart venue for mobile ticket checking The person in charge of the bird's nest operator said that as a venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, the bird's nest has no competition events, so there is no need to carry out special transformation on the competition facilities in the venue, but it will start the construction of smart venues. During the track and field World Championships last year, the bird's nest has achieved full WiFi coverage. In the future, mobile Internet technology will be applied in the bird's nest service. This paper studies the construction of smart venues from the aspects of fare collection, parking and seating guidance, live interaction, commodity sales, tourism explanation, information push, facility management, etc. For example, ordering and delivering meals by mobile phone in the venue. In addition, starting from May 2016, the bird's nest will create an "Olympic Cultural Tour" on the first floor, develop an "Olympic experience tour" on the second floor, upgrade the "Dingmei air corridor" on the fifth floor, and create a deep experience tour connecting the north and the South on the top floor of the bird's nest, so as to form a bird's nest featured venue tourism route integrating visit, experience and commercial shopping.

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