Bank Transaction Gone Wrong. I'm Confused About The FBN/PAYRENA Stuff!!!!


Please I need help on something everyone. I transferred some money from my First bank using the ATM at a UBA branch to my other UBA bank account . I didn't receive the alert instantly. I received the alert 9am the next day that I've been debited. But the money in question wasn't transferred to my UBA account rather I got a message that says "your account has been debited with ₦20,000 by FBN/PAYARENA. I reported at first bank but the person who attended to me was confused and he told me to come back the next day. Just to add to this, I actually successfully transferred ₦1000 previously to my other using and I still got the FBN/PAYRENA but my other account got credited message but the 20K I transferred later to my other account wasn't reflecting and I was debited and I got a FBN/PAYARRNA message. Please what do I do?

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