Can Someone Sue Someone For Emotional Turmoil?


It's been 3 months now but the feelings refused to wear off. Every attempt for distraction and positive mindedness plus deleting and blocking from all social media avenues all proved abortive. I have observed that there is a Degree to feelings. Going to another state, sightseeing, swimming, gym, sports, movies, interactions with the opposite sex not necessarily having intimacy still did not change anything. Took a week of therapy and didn't remember him for a second. But after all said and done, here we are back to square one. Days back,, absent mindedly stumbled upon a picture of his I never knew was there, guess what? My heart jumped into my stomach and kept beating faster, I deleted it immediately. If there is any other thing I can do to get over this, I will do. Its really a torture and invasion in my peace if mind. Wondering if its possible to sue him for emotional unrest. I am already exhausted.

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