Death Of A Nation: Biafra And The Nigerian Question

source: republikcitynews

Intro: To paraphrase the historian, mathematician, reporter, Marxist, and also modern thinker, Edwin Madunagu, every political background has its significant days, spots or transforming points. In Nigeria’s political background, as an example, spots would include October 1, 1960, (the day Nigeria got freedom from Britain), January 15, 1966, (when the very first of what would certainly come to be a practice of army stroke of genius occurred), July 6, 1967, (the authorities beginning of the 30-month Nigeria-Biafra battle) as well as January 15, 1970, (the authorities end of the civil battle). To these dates, I will certainly add January 1, 1914, (the combinations of the Southern and Northern Protectorates by the British to produce Nigeria), May 27, 1967, (the start of state production in Nigeria), as well as May 30, 1967, (the official affirmation of the secessionist state of Biafra). The latter days, May 27 and also May 30, 1967, are considerable in numerous ways. On May 27, 50 years ago, Yakubu Gowon, who worked as president of Nigeria from 1966 to 1975, possibly in anticipation of the audacious move by the Armed force Governor of the Eastern Region of Nigeria, Lt. Col. Emeka Ojukwu, announced the department of Nigeria into 12 states from 4 areas. The department of Nigeria into 12 states and Ojukwu’s statement of Biafra were choices that would transform the nation for life. Gowon’s activity did not just change the framework of Nigeria, it led to the reconstruction of the nascent nation via the lenses of the supposed Nigerian armed force; an armed forces that was provincial in expectation as it was ill-equipped for leadership. The army central economic as well as political power as well as moved Nigeria from a government republic to a unitary state. In numerous methods, we can comfortably claim May 27, 1967, was the day Nigeria started to unravel and also any effort to understand the present situations and also our lack of ability to make progress as a country need to always return to the activity of the military junta on May 27, 1967.

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