Lines Written During My Journey Homeward.


The boundless sky above Is gloomy and all shades of grey. Flanking the narrow smooth tarred road that stretches endlessly before us Are thick shrubs of green that dances briskly to the tune of chilling breeze that whistles by. From the misty eyes of the clouds Pours down rain that splatters on the windshield and roof of our speeding bus, drowning out the hum of the engine. All I see ahead of us through the crystal clear lens of my spectacles Is a hazy view of speeding trucks and cars. Amidst all this, unperturbed by the unfavourable element Of nature that waylays us,a familiar,pleasant smell of home wafts into my dry nostrils from afar, rousing all blissful memories to me so dear from long lost days ( that forever I treasure) from me Time has stolen; As a potter out of clay fashions a statue to his and the eyes of the world alluring, so has this memories moulded me into who I have become today. All the poetry gurus here,I hail una.I am an aspiring poet.I need your candid reviews.

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