35 Businesses You Can Start With 50k As A Student In Nigeria

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Produce and sell skincare products If you are a female student looking for a business you can start with 50k, then this business suits you. It’s the dream of every lady to have skin that’s radiant and beautiful. With natural skin products being the in-thing now, you can jump on the trend and sell organic skincare products in school. Sales of cooking gas If you stay off-campus, then cooking gas is a must-have for you. The same also applies to other students who stay off-campus as well. This demand for gas makes it a good business to start on campus and you can start with 50k if you already have a small space to display it – the space has to be safe too. Mobile Banking/GOTV agent/POS If you are already into a small business as a student, it would be easier for you to start a mobile money business like the first monie agent. This involves you rendering services like withdrawal and deposit of funds to customers who cannot easily access banks. You can start this business as a student and with 50k. Mini importation You’ll be surprised that you don’t need any huge amount of money to start a mini-importation business. Mini importation business is when you import a small volume of goods from a manufacturing country like China to Nigeria at a minimum cost and maximum profit.Ship with goods of Businesses to start with 50kThe processes too are easy and anyone can do mini-importation as long as they can read and write. It’s the best business for any student. Your phone or a laptop computer; internet connection active email address, traceable home address, and as small as 50K or less is all you need to start. Before you start a mini-importation business, read this guide on how to start a profitable mini-importation business from China. Production and sales of Deodorant/perfumes This business is one that you can start with 50k or less as a student in Nigeria. These days, there are many home-sourced perfumes oils that turn out to be very nice and even sought-after. People hardly patronize foreign perfume brands when they can get more affordable ones with long-lasting aromas. You may want to jump into this trend as a student and cash out big time. Collect and sell used books Used books business is also another good business you can start with 50k or even less on campus. You only need a very small visible space where you can display your books.student sells books as business ideas with 50k You may even innovate around this business by collecting or buying used books from people who do not need them again then resell at a higher price. See the complete list in the original article here:

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