My Igbo Brothers Listen


From across all regions in Nigeria; many clamour for change that involves restructuring, a restructuring that brings back a regional/parliamentary system of government for progress, self determination and peace. We the igbos know our prowess at heart but its sad to say that our selfishness (past & presently) puts us where we are today Before I continue: I want to warn those ignorant and ethnic driven persons from other tribes that keep using and have bastardize that word "Domination" in reference to us Igbos Imagine being in a class: and there is only one bright student that keeps answering questions in class, the natural response of other dumb classmates is that the person is dominating us. (How really ?) Igbo's have resounding prowess when it comes business enterprise like the Chinese we take our talents to various localities, states and countries and thrive there, how on earth did a talent known to a particular tribe became what is now seen as domination ? Are we the ones that turned some of your youths to be lazy, agberoos, terrorists, almajiri, bandits, etc. For how many years has it been now that the igbos have been kept on arms length from the presidential seat of power, who are the ones that have successfully annexed an ethnicity in our history, who has successfully annexed a state belonging to a particular tribe in the west, who has more stake holders in NNPC and your oil wells, etc what do you call this ? Isn't that domination without care of your own opinion. If individuals from a particular foreign nation/country are excelling by merit and their own hardwork in another nation/country's soil why will u call it domination ? What then are the indigenes in that their soil doing then ? Where i will put restrictions of a tribe excelling in another nations lands is their politics. Which brings me back to us Igbo's and our gross stupidity We the igbos keep shooting ourselves on the leg by interfering on other regions matters, even with our business exploits away from home we are being fools of the highest order. First of all leave the Yoruba's their state called Lagos. Weda it was the bini's that owned it or not you are better than trading words with the Yorubas on Wed its a no mans land. Yes our tribe contributed a lot to where Lagos is today but what happened back home (the South East). Is it a curse or something that you go and develop other tribes/country's lands but abandon your ancestral land. All a lot of you rich igbo business men & women do is to build influx of hotels, houses at villages, repatriate money to family members, throw money in the air for the poor to pick up & praise and take pictures to boast of your wealth The gross stupidity. Restructuring is coming soon, is the South East ready , absolutely not Even its the South West that will lead the race of development than us, and why ? Your answer is as good as mine China has built their homeland as formidable it is today because they put their nation & ancestral land first before thinking of exploring and developing other peoples lands And if you ask one of them why do they prefer to do business outside or develop of peoples lands/countries they start to cite the geographical location of the SE I don't want to use more insulting words What was Dubai then...wasn't it a desert, and now ?..a lot of countries travel there in droves because why ? The indigenes chose to build it and believed that people from around the world will come to it for various purposes. Do you think a lot of people that go to the US to do business is because of their oil or gold, which are natural resource resources certainly not but because of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Disney, Silicon valley, Wall street, Tesla & Space X etc all that are God given man made ideas that pulls in billions/zillions of dollars every year How many of you so called Rich Igbo millionaires are supporting Startups in Igbo land that can draw the world to it ? Where their people waiting for Government allocation ? Yet what we do here is cry about marginalization. They say igbos have no king but come together to make decisions for their welfare I saw that a couple of years & now that that's a big lie because we do our own not wanting to rob mind with others especially politically & business wise Take for example our SE governors community police adoptions, the recent ohaneze election, the Biafra factions, etc Our collective should be our prowess but our selfish attitude and poke nosing into other tribes affairs remains our downfall Japan is a first world country.. They are receiving more visitors from around the world because the creator of bitcoin lives there South East can be Dubai tomorrow if Igbos from wherever they are focused collectively to build their home I bet you that no matter how landlocked or militriliazed our region is that foreigners will no longer stop at lagos but will bring their investments to our region Not all investments are natural resource or agriculture related Soon a biafran regional government will emerge under a confederal system And what if it was secession is the SE politically and economically ready ? My igbo brothers focus on repairing your political behavior back home and come together and develop your hope Switzerland is a landlocked country surrounded by many countries even during the world war where their neighbors were fighting each other war never entered their territory, i don't think they have an army today and they pay their students just to go to school That's a landlocked country for you that many of us clamour to travel to and live there But see our appalling mentality in our own home God have mercy

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