Please, Advice A Brother And His Accounting Dept. Course Mates Of CRUTECH


Good morning fellow naijaworlders. I am sorry to bother you guys with a brother's predicament in one of our glorified community Secondary Schools called Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH). My younger brother got admission into the school in 2015, a year after he got the admission, he started lamenting about the extortion from the lecturers in the department of Accounting. Fast forward to January 2018, they wrote their final exams. A year after (2019), some of their exam papers were being picked for marking based on who sort the lecturers the most, if you have no money to sort, the lecturers ignore your papers for marking which means no hope of graduation and NYSC mobilisation for you. My brother and other students in thesame fate started pressuring their exam officers and they were told that a certain lecturer is the one delaying their graduation, the said lecturer is running a program in UNN and has refused to hand their papers to other lecturers in the department to mark for him, he selects the scripts of his loyalists (those who sort him). Just recently, my brother called the exam officer again and he was told that their results are ready but yet to be retrieved from the school portal or so for Senate sitting and approval before they can graduate and proceed for national service. It's over three (3) years since they wrote their final exams, yet they have no hope of mobilisation for service. Some of their parents are beginning to doubt if they actually went to school, one of his friends' elder sister has prepared to bundle the guy to the school to approach the department. I started having doubt at a point too until I met some of them and heard their heart breaking ordeals about the school. Lawyers in the house, please advise a brother in pain, can one sue a department of a school for an unlawful delay if students results? Please, help push this forward to where I can get help for this able young men being stagnated because of a failed school system.

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