As A Man Thinks In His Heart, So Is He.


Solomon the wise King that ever lived on earth one time wrote, in the book of the proverb Which is the wisdom book that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. The veracity of this statement cannot be overemphasized in the sense that whatever a man needs to become successful in life is a result of his thinking. The mind is the center of all human activity comprised of reasoning, thinking, mediation, and imagination. It is what you think that you will become. If you don't think you will stink and when you stink, there is no way you won't sink into the oceans of life. No one on earth is unproductive or useless, but the failure to make use of his or her thinking faculties will make such a misfit in the scheme of things. When your life and every other area are decaying or experiencing retrogression, it is because you haven't put on your thinking cap. No man thinks and remains ordinary! You cannot be a deep thinker and not get answers to bugging issues of life. You cannot be a deep thinker and not be sought after.�� Ask Socrates, Plato, Aristotle's, Albert Einstein, and all other great thinkers. They will Intimate you with the fact that they were sought after by the world… The reason why people are not minding you is that you haven't placed value on yourself by putting on your thinking cap, to be able to proffer solutions to their predicament. What you think is what you become. What you do not think you don't become. An average man fails to accomplish greatness in life because he won't think. You end up becoming an average person if you don't think. God is a deep thinker and I am sure you are fully aware of that because he says: come let us reason together. God thinks and so you must find time to think your way through. Find time to think so that you end up proffering solutions to the world. Think so that you won't end up as a rotten figure. Think so that you won't end up living the infinitesimal life. There is a copious problem that is parading human Life, and the society at large, and there is the need to provide an antidote to curb them out, and that is why you must become a deep thinker. What you think it's what you become that is, if you think of sickness, you will be sick. If you think of death, you will die untimely. If you think of failure, you will never succeed. If you think of lack you will never have an abundance You think of limitations, you will never rise above your challenges. If you think of Poverty, there is no way you will ever become rich. If you think of sin, you will not have the potency to live a life that is free from sin. But this is what you must do for you to be able to function in the capacity God wants you to function. Think health and you will become healthy. Think prosperity and you will prosper! Think of abundance and you will have more than enough. Think of success and you will end up becoming successful. Think of life and you will end up fulfilling your days on earth. Think greatness and you will end up becoming great. Until you think, every area of your Life will continue to rot. Until you think, there is not going to be produced in your life. Until you think, your life will end up in shambles. Until you think about greatness!! Forget success, forget becoming a better you…. Challenge: Until you think, you will remain at the present spot in Life and very soon, be faced out. Hope this adds value to your developmental growth in life. ©Amadu Isaac

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