Agriculture: The Job That Let You Interview Your Interviewer


Sincerely, I couldn't think of any better way to title my opinion. Interviewing your Interviewer, imagine how that sounds...yeah, that is real. You see my friend, knowledge is endless and you will only operate within the limits of what you know and not more than what you know. I really wish most Nigerians will be more intentional about acquiring knowledge rather than it being compelled or accidental. I don't like to say much, so, let me just tell you what I think you should know because it might help. Farming in a large scale can be tasking and time consuming but interestingly, some aspect and style of farming can be remarkably rewarding with tested potentials to add to your streams of income. I am an advocate of this style. Imagine being a school teacher for some hours, a solo farmer for the evening and perhaps any other thing you are able to add depending on your capacity...I am pretty sure guys like me who easily gets tired doing the same thing over and over will be excited at this kind of lifestyle. Yes, that is it! For some time now, I have been looking for a third job to fill up my time and surprisingly I have not been able to find one ready to fit my style...just imagine the asset these job owners are losing. How can you offer to pay me 30,000 with no time incentive for personal development when I have a solo farm that gives me an average far above same amount every month without mad expenditures, how?! You see, you can pay me less but it has to be in consideration of my terms too because both you my employer and I, have more to gain....guess what, I like the way I sound and that is the truth. Why I am writing this is because i want many job seekers out there to wise up, stand up and man up. I don't like their desperation, it always make them a victim of our societal ills and vices. Opportunities abound in Nigeria and believe me, there are many things especially in agricultural sector that you can do on a solo to generate a reasonable income enough to keep pushing you towards your ultimate goal. These opportunities will give you a negotiating power that you just have to use skillfully in advancing your vision. Well, I know you will be curious to know what these things are but guess what, I want to assume you already know them, you just need to be bold enough to take the step of courage. Nevetheless, maybe one of these days, I will be inspired to just hint you again. In the meantime, you can interact with me privately and I will give them to you for free.

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