Mattress Firmness And Why It Is Important

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The firmness of a mattress contributes greatly to a comfortable lying position for the body during sleep. When purchasing a mattress, one of the first steps should be choosing a mattress firmness that suits your sleep needs. Mattress firmness is subjective, what is soft for one person may be uncomfortably firm for another person, though it is dependent on a personal preference, it is important to choose a firmness level that is best suited to your sleeping style and personal preference. Choosing the wrong mattress firmness level could lead to not just a loss of sleep but also more severe problems like a bad back. The firmness level characterizes the comfort level of a mattress and shows how hard or soft it is. Winco foam mattresses are available in different levels of firmness; they also have mattresses that combine the characteristics of both a firm and soft mattress. It is important to note that “soft” is not necessarily soft. The levels of firmness of a mattress are not standardized and differ amongst manufacturers, therefore it is advised that before buying a mattress you visit a local distributor and try out various models. It is the best way to find the right mattress level for you. WHY IS FIRMNESS IMPORTANT If the mattress is too soft, the hips sink too deep into the mattress, so that the spine can easily sag in this area. The results can be tension up to the neck or pain in the back. When a mattress is too hard, it prevents the shoulders from sinking into the mattress. This might cause the spine to curve upwards in the shoulder area and can lead to neck tension or back pain. Thus, the right level of firmness of a mattress is worth gold for healthy sleep! The firmness of a mattress not only determines the overall comfort level but also its support level, which is why it is a fundamental characteristic you should consider when buying a mattress. The firmness of a mattress affects the comfort and support levels and also the overall performance of the unit. FIRMNESS VS SUPPORT Quite a lot of people regard firmness and support as the same thing. This is not correct. The firmness measures the immediate feeling that you get as you first lie down on your mattress, the support, on the other hand, refers to the way the mattress keeps your spine in perfect alignment. You can easily have a rather soft mattress which offers a lot of support or a firm one which is also supportive, but it creates a lot of different pressure points which makes it counterproductive. When you go ahead and pick your mattress, it is quite important to make sure that you separate the firmness as well as the support and have them both in mind. The firmness is just the way your bed feels. You would also have to make sure that it’s comfortable, that it relieves pressure, that it’s cool and all the other things of the kind. For instance, a firm mattress might fail to deliver the necessary contouring and, hence, it wouldn’t be appropriate for people who prefer to sleep on their sides. These are just a few of the considerations that you’d want to take into account. In any case, it’s important to keep all those in mind and make sure that the product delivers a proper feel altogether. OUR FIRMNESS SCALE AND CHART Soft (1-2) These mattresses are not recommended for adults or people above 50kg, as they are soft and offer very little support. They are ideal for children, side sleepers and people who weigh 50kg and below. Check out: Bloom, Blossom and baby mattress. Medium soft (3-5) These types of mattresses are quite common as it is estimated that about 80% of people fall into this category. Mattresses that fall into this category have the firmness level of a soft mattress but the support level of a firm mattress. They are suitable for teenagers, medium body weight sleepers, side sleepers and people who weigh 80 to 134kg.  Check out: Porsche, Merit, Comfort, Delight and Elegant. Medium firm (6- It is slightly firmer than the medium soft and provides a little less sinkage, they are perfect for people who prefer a little more firmness underneath them. However some people might find them a bit harder. Stomach sleepers, heavy weight sleepers, back sleepers and people within 135 to 139kg would find this type mattress comfortable. Check out: Grandeur, Exclusive, Supreme and Hospital mattress. Firm (9-10) These mattresses are very firm; they are specialized mattresses, in that they are therapeutic. They are designed for people with a particular sleep need. They are recommended for people with back pain, athletes, construction workers, people with arthritis and people who weigh 144 to 148kg. Check out: Orthopedic and Divan. As you can see, there is a whole lot to consider when it comes to the firmness of your mattress. The thing is that it’s tied to a range of different characteristics, all of which need to be accounted for. This is something quite important. Of course, ultimately, it would all come down to the way you feel on the mattress. While statistically, you are likely to prefer a medium-firm mattress, you might also like something else. It would depend on your sleeping patterns, positions, preferences and overall weight. We hope that the aforementioned provides you with detailed information about everything that you may need to know. Hopefully, you’d be able to make a quick yet very informed decision. You can also check out:

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