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Daily, when ever I come on this great forum, I see threads that tends to ignite fire between the various tribes and regions in Nigeria, over development and other factors. While it's no longer secret that the nation is in a state of dispair, it's also important to note that we are all humans, firstly we are Africans, Before we became Nigerians, and finally we became our respective tribes. As a Traveller, I have been to the 36 states + 1capital and have been to 5 west African countries, and I can boldly say that there is no place like Nigeria. Like my friend fondly says, if Nigeria bend go left follow am bend too. Come to. think of this, majority of those instigating tribal violence are those that have majorly never been out of their comfort zone or either paid miscreants. Another point is, we all know how easy it is to open an account on NW, what if it is another country agent that open account to Foster disunity amongst us, as we all know that NW is among the top 10 forums in the world. We may have agents from other countries trying to show discord, and of you observe properly the discord is openly displayed when there is any important decision made in the country for example end Sar, Amotenkum, Eastern Security Network (ESN), Election, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, Railway, and other factors. Let me tell you, it will be very difficult for any region in Nigeria to do without the other, (not that it's impossible, as there is nothing impossible under the sun). I have been to the 36+ states in Nigeria, and I can tell you that on an average we need one another. For example, we can't do without Kano, Just as we can't do without Onitsha or Lagos. We need to also note that the size of a state was done under politics (let's don't go there), and other factors such as vegetations, influence of tribe, culture and other factors. While the southeast is closely related by culture, so is the other region, for example, if you pair Onitsha and Kano (if it's possible), you will notice that they bear different cultures and hence they can corelate. While the north have a fixed hiracy of power, in the east we have a de-centralized power system. In terms of development, there is no state that is backward or more forward, what we have is a state that is good in it's own way, for example, while we may laugh at some part of the north for being backwards, but we should no that if they are forward that the cost of land will become too expansive that they can't farm on a commercial scale, which will hence may food security an issue, a situation experience in SE where a plot of land goes for 45000 minimum across the zone (the most remote part). The truth be told, in my journeis across the length and breath of West Africa, we have discovered that while some region are picking pace in development another is not. For example, in the southeast, from the homes it's is installed in them the spirit of survival (Hustler), while in the north things are readily available which makes them complacent (and it's encourage by their elicts, who wants to control them, that is why you can see an Alhaji feeding hundreds of people daily, but can't grant them opportunities---Dont quote me am talking out of experience). Now when the southwest or southeast cries marginalization I always tell them to shut up. Why cry when you have leaders up there that aren't advancing your interest, for example hwo many of their leader championing their interest, non!!! but only to share the funds.... If you go to the north, in remote villages you will see govt owned institute, if no one is ready they readily provide the lands and counter part funding, for example if you come to a project in the south all they will be after is their own personal gain, that why most of the projects fail, etc but in the north they are quickly interested in bringing it to their states. For example in Anambra. for so many years we have been hearing about airport, yet it hasn't been actualized because they said that the big wings transporters are distracting the govt. (me I say the govt isn't serious), for example we have Sani brothers in Kano, yet don't Kano have an airport, we have Azman across Gombe etc, don't Gombe have a state Tranport system? Kaduna has rail, airport and state transport system, and an airport in development, have you ever heard that their are no passengers? The truth is we need to wake as country! In conclusion because it's a long we need to 1. Always both humanity above religion and tribe. (Even the northerns are tired of the war in their zone, that why you see them flocking the south). 2. Hold our leaders to responsibility. (No more ranka dede sir, chokalim Ife, or ebon mentality). 3. Be cautious towards national building as most of this senseless threads on religion and tribe is made by outsiders and paid online warrior. 4. Moderators don't fail to delete threads that have religious and political and tribal undertone. 5. Let be cautious as the internet never forget. I remain David Ezeonyekwere You view my travels on my Instagram page @ or Facebook: or Thank you.

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