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A Nigerian Governor wants to paint the Government house. A Nigerian Governor wants to paint the Government house. He calls for quotation.... Chinese guy quoted 3 million. European guy quoted 7 million. Nigerian guy quoted 10 million. The Governor asked the chinese guy..".. how did u quote 3 million..?" Chinese guy replied .."1 million for paint, 1 million for labour and 1 million profit.." The Governor asked european guy.. He replied-".. 3 million for paint 2 million for labour 2 million profit.." The Governor asked Nigerian guy.. He replied...."4 million for you..."3 million for me.... and we will give "3 million to the chinese guy and ask him to paint..!!" The Nigerian guy got the contract! This is the system that has continued to milk Nigeria dry. Could be a joke but it's a reality today!..... Have a glorious day ********************************** _The most uneducated countries for the past 50 years_

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