Why I'm A Redpillers?


The Red Pill is not a social movement, movements attempt to fight for change based upon their wants and needs, such as the Men’s Rights Movement (MRA) or first wave feminism. The Red Pill does not look to change the status quo, it looks to understand it, call it out for what it is, and leave you with consciousness, a sentience to evaluate your options soyou can the use the knowledge you have discovered to live your life to your utmost best by learning to manage the innately deceptive nature of women and carve out a life for yourself on your own terms; and should you choose to make a life with a woman, you will be well equipped with the knowledge and experience to adequately handle her sufficiently to the betterment of you both. The Red Pill is a hybrid of self-improvement and anti-feminism. It embraces traditional masculinity and rejects feminist ideas of what masculinity is. It follows the premise that a woman does not know what it is to be a man and thus she is incapable of teaching boys how to be men. A woman of intelligence knows what specifically makes her happy, but not the inner workings of that, and how to communicate to a male how to internalise and embody the successful traits required to be successful with women, this is crudely summed up by the popular red pill idiom “a fish can’t teach a fisherman how to fish.

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