Paying Tithe Without Health Insurance, Investments & Personal House Is Gambling


The desire of Nigerians to travel abroad (eg. Canada) is receiving great attention. No thanks to our unfriendly atmosphere due to insecurity, poverty, inadequate healthcare, epileptic power supply and unemployment. We try to blame only our political leaders and leave out our religious leaders (touch not!). We fail to acknowledge that these politicians seek endorsement from them. Despite our religiosity, we are very eager to travel to less religious but advanced countries. It is even embarrassing to the extent of sharing emigration testimonies. Canadians developed Canada, who will develop ours? We cannot leave everything to government alone. How many of us can boast of health insurance in case of health complications? Are we not tired of having more worship centers than hospitals, factories etc. If our religious leaders will also invest heavily in manufacturing and healthcare sectors, maybe unemployment rate and avoidable deaths will reduce. In the bible, it was convenient for the farmers to bring in Tithe at end of harvest. They don't think about house rent, nepa bill, school fees and other responsibilities. I am not against paying of tithe, if you can afford it, but make sure you have a personal property, profitable investments and health insurance. Be a cheerful giver, not out of intimidation, compulsion or expectation.

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