Would You Have Agreed?


I was with a lady I was having intentions of asking for 6. Well, I was contemplating of different things such as, 1. Can I stick with her for life 2. Isn't it too early? 3. Is she really into me? Well, these were the thoughts on my mind then boom, she poopped in this, "You don dey like me abi? " I waved it off and started talking something else. She returned the question again and again but I never agreed. She then said why am I talking as if I drink. I told her I do. She told me if she drinks, she will think of sex but I told her that for me, I don't. I just drink go sleep. But in course of our discussion, I told her that she be clean and fine babe and every Oman go want wife her. Now guys, e good as I no answer her outrightly even if as I want knack am?

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