Concerned Uniben Student Cries Out Over School Calendar


A LETTER TO UNIBEN VICE-CHANCELLOR (VC) ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ WHY THE UPCOMING EXAMS SHOULD BE POSTPONED Prof(Mrs) Lilian Salami, we the students of this noble institution are aware that you have tried your possible best to ensure that you make up for the year taken by Covid-19. We really commend the efforts and strategies that you have put in place, however, there are so many factors that need to be put into consideration before the decision to sandwich a full semester into 8 weeks is finalized and irreversible damage is done. According to NUC rules and regulations, a semester shouldn't be less than 15 weeks long, but right now in our very own Uniben, plans have been finalized to run a full semester in 8 weeks (between 18th April to 11th June). While we understand that this decision was made with the interest of we the students at heart, it is not a wise one as it not only breaks NUC rules, it also puts us ( the students) in jeopardy. 8 weeks is not enough time for lecturers to complete their courses and cover their course outlines, as of now in many faculties and departments, some lecturers have only been to class twice or thrice. Also bear in mind that some courses are very bulky and require ample time to be successfully taught and understood. 8 weeks (18th April to 11th June) is not enough time to run a semester, some courses have more than 5 materials and as of now (less than a week before exams commence) lecturers have only put out 2 or 3 of the 5 available materials. We the students we are not prepared for examinations in any way, we are being rushed, we don't understand anything our lecturers are teaching because they too are being rushed, in an attempt to make up, lecturers are piling assignment upon assignment on us without providing proper explanations. With all due respect Ma, last semester's poor result and mass failure can be considered a litmus test to show that we the students are in no way prepared to take our second-semester exams. You are well informed of the massive failure across all 14 faculties, with students on First Class now failing and lecturers setting questions they never taught us. We don't want what happened last semester to repeat itself. When we ask our lecturers why they set questions from topics that we were not taught, they respond by saying "ask the VC". Following last semester's poor results, a huge number of final year students had carryovers and all their departmental authorities could do for them, is to upgrade the 'F' 'D' so they can graduate, not minding the damage that a 'D' will do to their CGPA. As a result of all that is going on, we the students, are mentally imbalanced, the stress is too much on us, and as such, *we humbly request that the upcoming exams be postponed by 3 weeks* If this request is met, we (students) will have more time to cover our books and be well prepared. Furthermore, the two weeks Sports Festival should also be considered. Courtesy of the Edo State Sports Festival, we lost what would have been 2 academic weeks. The truth remains that we the students are at the receiving end of all the stress, mental imbalance, trauma, sleepless nights, unwarranted questions on exam day and ultimate failure. It is our future that is on the line. In conclusion, three (3) weeks extra is a reasonable amount of time that would enable lecturers to cover their works and students to get prepared. Prof Ma, please look into this humble request carefully and save the University and her Students... Thanks. #POSTPONE EXAM. #STUDENTS ARE NOT READY. #OUR MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT. _From a Concern Uniben Student_

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