Unbelievable Pictures Of US Soldiers Protecting America From Rogue Americans!

source: usnews

Unbelievable Pictures Of US Soldiers Protecting America Not From ISIS Nor Foreign Enemies But From Rogue Americans! These are unbelievable pictures of American soldiers at the Capitol protecting democracy; not from ISIS or Al Qedia, but from rogue Americans. Hundreds of soldiers were at the Capitol on Tuesday to protect lawmakers from possible rioters. The pictures seen online moved many to start fundraising for the troops. But the National Guard quickly stopped it, saying its men did not need such. FROM US NEWS WIDELY CIRCULATING images of National Guard troops sleeping on the floor of the U.S. Capitol in response to enduring security threats after last week's violent siege only depict forces resting while on duty, a spokeswoman says, and is not where they will be housed. "This area of the Capitol has been designated a rest area for National Guard members when they are on duty but between shifts," Maj. Renee Lee, a spokeswoman for the D.C. National Guard, tells U.S. News. "To be clear, this is not where they are lodging when off-duty." Initial estimates suggested a few thousand National Guard forces would deploy to the Capitol from the D.C. Guard as well as from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York and remain until at least President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration or longer. They're there to address enduring security threats after a violent mob of President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol last week after the president held a rally nearby and as Congress voted to certify Biden's election victory. The numbers of Guard troops deploying to the nation's capital swelled to 10,000 earlier this week and then to 20,000 by Wednesday – eclipsing the number of U.S. forces currently deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan by a factor of four. Other officials overseeing the response since Jan. 6 acknowledge the sudden surge of forces was hastily planned and, despite the D.C. Guard's ongoing efforts to find more comfortable accommodations, the scenes accurately show the realities of a sudden military mobilization. "When things happen and you start rolling a bunch of people into a location they're not normally set up for, you're going to have some hiccups," said one defense official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the official is not authorized to discuss planning matters publicly. "The goal is to have everyone in comfortable accommodations. But that may not be the case given the reality of the task."

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