Dry Eye In Children


Pediatric Dry Eye Syndrome: Signs and Solutions Dry eye syndrome in children is a rare but serious condition. That is why you should pay close attention when your child is complaining about recurring dry and itchy eyes. This condition is usually associated with a number of autoimmune, endocrine, congenital, and inflammatory disorders. Nutrition or deficiencies may also factor in the development of pediatric dry eye. Symptoms of Pediatric Dry Eye It is necessary that you catch the symptoms of dry eye early. This makes it easy to treat and eliminate the underlying cause of this condition. Park Slope Eye, your expert in dry eye treatment in Brooklyn, NY, notes that these are the signs you should look out for: 1. Frequent blinking 2. Redness around the eyes 3. Constant eye rubbing 4. Veers away from sources of light 5. Stinging or burning sensation in the eyes 6. Moments of blurred vision 7. Difficulty in reading, working on the computer, or any activity that requires visual attention 8. Sandy or gritty feeling inside the eyes, as if there is something inside Common Cause of Pediatric Dry Eye A growing number of children are spending more time in front of digital screens. Unfortunately, frequent usage of electronic devices, like laptops, tablets, and game consoles, can increase the risk of dry eyes. Allergies, inflammatory conditions, poor nutrition, and diabetes may cause this, as well. To deal swiftly with dry eye, take your child for a visit to Park Slope Eye, your trusted pediatric eye doctor in Brooklyn, NY. Excellent Dry Eye Treatment Find out more @ For support and inquiries about ipcbafrica please visit

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