Should Pets Share The Same Bed With Their Owners?

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Can you sleep on the same bed with your four-legged friend? Unsurprisingly, most pet owners develop an unusual bond with these beautiful creatures that they do not consider sharing their slumber surface with their pet(s) a big deal. However, there are some people who frown at the idea of sleeping with their pets for some reasons.  But should pet lovers share the same bed with their pets? We would look at two sides of the coin to determine what’s ideal for you. Let’s explore: Negative Effects of sleeping with your pet(s) It threatens the lifespan of your mattress Co-sleeping with your pet could reduce the lifespan of your mattress especially if they are not well groomed. Your pet might accidently pee or even poo on your mattress, these stains could cause your sleep surface to emit a pungent smell or result in permanent stain. Additionally, your pet may leave dander, pollen and dust on your bed coverings; this can result in early wear and tear of not only your bed coverings but your mattress. We are sure you did not budget for getting a new mattress because of your pet do you? Besides, a pet bed would save you the hassle. Interruption of sleep Sleeping with your pet might affect the quality and quantity of your sleep, this is because your pets- cats, dogs and birds, do not share the same sleep cycle with humans. While humans are monophasic sleepers (have one segment of sleep especially during nighttime hours), pets are polyphasic sleepers (they sleep in shorter sessions throughout the day and night).  This explains why they stay alert, move around, kick, scratch and make unpleasant noise that may disrupt your sleep at night. Sleep disturbance and consequent sleep deficiency can influence your immune system and immensely affect your overall well being.  Although, some people snooze better with their pet in bed because of the feelings of warmth and security it provides. Pets don’t suffer from lack of sleep as you would; this is because they could easily make up for lost night time sleep during the day. Vulnerability to allergies Sharing a bed with your pet can trigger your risk of allergic symptoms for those who do not have pet allergies. Also, for those allergic to certain pets such as dogs, and a continuous exposure to this pet would trigger some health issues. Interestingly, while your pets go outside to potty or play with other pets, it is exposed to pollen, ticks, disease and dust that clings to its fur, and this can increase allergic reactions. Aside from the allergens, your pet can also transmit external parasites such as fleas and ticks to you.  Although, a daily routine of cleaning your pets with a moist towel, bathing them, washing your bed coverings and consistently sanitizing your mattress will reduce your exposure to pet allergens. But purchasing a pet bed for your friend is a safer way of protecting your health. It may affect your relationship/ love life What if your partner isn’t a pet freak, and frowns at the idea of co-sleeping with your pet. Letting your four- legged friend(s) slumber on your bed may affect your romantic relationship if you do not clearly define boundaries. So, it’s important to let your pet snooze in your bed often and not always. A result from an interesting survey carried out by mattress online indicates that 50% of pet lovers would rather cancel or post pone sex and let their four-legged friend interrupt an intimate evening if they couldn’t be left alone at night.  Also, pets can prevent you from cuddling with your partner. The Pros of Co-sleeping with your Pet Co-sleeping with your pet may not be entirely bad. The truth is that many experts and pet lovers have enthusiastically shared their beautiful experiences with pets and the benefits of having one. Here are some positives of snoozing with pets Eases anxiety and stress Interestingly, cuddling your furry friend releases cuddle hormone or love hormone known as oxytocin in your body. Studies have shown that oxytocin level increases during hugging. These hormones help to enhance your mood, learning ability, appetite, digestion, etc. Provides a sense of safety Co-sleeping with your pet for some people provides a sense of security. It will boost your confidence to know that while you drift to dreamland, your pet will alert you if they suspect any danger or even unusual event. However, this doesn’t erase the fact that your pet may disturb your sleep by jumping, dragging the blankets etc. Therefore the best workaround is to get a pet bed. Reduces blood pressure Studies indicate that having contact with your pet while sleeping can lower your blood level. Practically touching or petting your pet can lead to lower blood pressure readings. Co-sleeping with pets has been an age-long practice in many cultures around the world. However, when considering the question co-sleeping with your pet, two important factors should guide your decision; they include your health and the health of your pet. If the risk associated with sleep loss, allergies, affected sex exceeds the benefits of snoozing with your furry friend, then we recommend investing in a quality pet bed for your four-legged friend. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should Pets Share the same bed with their owners?

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