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Nigerians are a people under tremendous pressure, yet their resilience in the face of hardship is unparalleled. One of the common stress relief therapies in Nigeria is the principle of “one-week-one-trend”. In keeping with this tradition Nigerians in their matchless creativity make it a point of duty to create weekly or bi-weekly trends that dominate national discourse online and offline. The year 2021 was heralded by the DNA saga, following closely on the heels of this is the formation of the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria, its trending across all Nigerian social platforms. The stingy man association of Nigeria group is borne out of a growing consciousness among men that the over dependence, exploitation and manipulation for financial gains of men by women needs to be curbed. And this is very true considering that fortunes are spent to provide a lot of jobless, unemployed ladies a very comfortable lifestyle at the expense of achieving important life goals. Incidentally, this is also a wake up call for philandering men who are deeply involved in this wasteful lifestyle to make amends. Contrary to general belief, this movement and ideology is not a call for extreme tight-fistedness, it’s rather a call for financial prudence, and discipline by men to avoid spreading themselves too thin. In a funny development, the women have formed a parallel group that encourages women not to open their legs, this has only served to cement the concept of “money for hand back for ground” practised by most women. Well, the movement seems to have come to stay, and it’s also helping Nigerians laugh a lot thanks to the extremely hilarious jokes and memes it has generated.

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