This 5 Natural Remedies Cures Staphylococcus And Gonorrhea.

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There’s more to using natural healing recipes for any sexual transmitted infections ( STI ) Get ready; first let's look at gonorrhea's case in study. Gonorrhea is a sexual transmitted disease ( STD ) caused by a bacterial infection called “ neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium”. signs and symptoms for gonorrhea; The major symptoms includes, painful urination and abnormal discharge from the penis or vagina in women. When you experience it as a Man, you may experience testicular pain, white discharge like semen coming out from the penis. While women may experience pain in the lower stomach, white substance discharge from the vagina. In some cases, gonorrhoea may not show any signs or symptoms. Natural remedies for the cure and healings; Get about 2 liter of local palm wine and pour it in a bigger container You will need some roots of “ dogo yaro “ and cut into pieces. Put into the gallon container of the palm wine. Provide a handful of ginger and peel off the backs, cut into pieces and add into the gallon container. Put two or three sets of garlics and cut into pieces, add them inside the gallon container of the local palm wine. Get one bottle of honey and pour it all inside the container, allow to settle for 24 hours. Intake; For adults aged 18 - 35 years, one full cup in the morning before breakfast and one full cup in the night after dinner. And for elderly people whom are above the age of 35, half cup in the morning before breakfast and one full cup in the night after dinner. Repeat until there’s nothing left in the container. let's discus on the case of staphs; What is staphylococcus?; Staphylococcus aureus is a... Read it all here.... [url] [/url]

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