Networking And Cybersecurity


I am interested in learning cybersecurity from the scratch. I studied Mathematics and have a basic knowledge of Python. I have no knowledge of networking. I decided to visit a training center today and the director informed me that I would need to learn networking before I start the cybersecurity (ethical hacking). I asked him what software application we would be using, he said none. This is the reason I am writing this post. Please in learning networking, don't I need any software application such as Cisco Tracer packet, GNS-3, Eve-ng? According to him, we would be doing more of networking practicals in the course of the networking training. So why do I see members in some groups posting projects done on software applications? Don't I need knowledge of the software applications too? Please to those of you who have knowledge of these trainings, for my self-practice in preparation for the certification exams, don't I need to know the softwares application aspects too?

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