The Gardener's Daughter By Margaret!


THE GARDENER'S DAUGHTER BY AYARA Mr Kunle is a Gardener in the Palace of the Famous Chief Otunba Adeyemi (SAN) in the town of Badagry. Mr Kunle who is a retired civil servant earns a monthly stipends of 20 thousand naira with a square meal per day from the palace, while his beautiful wife Ibikun is a hairdresser who makes hair under a tiny canopy in the town of Badagri. Flashback to the month of June 1994 Ibikun and Chief Otunba Adeyemi ( SAN)had an affairs in the University of Ilorin where they were both studying Common Law, Ibikun got pregnant in the Process and Chief Otunba who was a little University boy at the time denied the pregnancy and any knowledge of Ibikun before her parent and that out an end to her University journey and the dream if becoming a lawyer. Ibikun parents disowned her and she was forced to move to the town of Ilaje in Ondo State where she met Mr Kunle the gardener at the time he wasn't a gardener but a primary school teacher in the creek of Ilaje, they started a relationship but unknowing to Mr Kunle that Ibikun had a seed germinating in ther stomach which she has decided to keep him oblivion so he asked to meet her parent that he wants to marry her. Perhaps Ibikun was confused on what to say to her parents after been put in a family way by a runaway lover and her parent who temporary disowned her are still furious over the show of shame but on a second thought she was exciteted that her child will have a father, so she accepted the proposal and they proceeded to Ilorin where she talked with the parents in private that she lost the pregnancy due to stress and depression on hearing about her fake ordeal they became compassionate. Mr and Mrs Bankole being Ibikun's parents accepted Ibikun and her suitor Mr Kunle and blessed them according to the Yoruba traditional engagement, the newly wed couple moved back to Ilaje creek and started a life together even though they were both not graduates their only child Seyitan who is not the biological daughter of her father Kunle is grown and was offered an admission to study medicine and surgery in the famous University of Lagos. Mr Kunle applied for a transfer of service to Lagos State so that he could look for an additional Job to be able to see his daughter through school, he moved with his wife to Badagri and ran into the palace if Chief Otunba Adeyemi (SAN) where they were in search of a gardener he applied and got the Job, an accommodation was giving to him and his family. Meanwhile Seyitan is loved by all in the Palace including including the Chief Otunba who has no child till date.... Meanwhile 7 years ago Chief Otumba who went in search of his family childhood doctor was told that the accident he had when he was 14 years old with his uncle Gbanga who visited from the United Kingdom caused him damages that made his inability to father a child, from year 14 he couldn't have been able to impreginate a woman, he went further to visiting his high school medical centre to get the record straight but his medical report was the same with that if his family clinic. So the question now is who is Seyitan's biological father?

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