How Should You Handle Your Partner Asking For A Three Way?


We are in our mid thirties.Work in Oil Sector . Enlightened. My friend is very conservative and old fashioned. But as life no balance. He has a very beautiful wife.Who was a model,and has so many Model friends in their twenties. He came to complain to me that, his wife, is bisexual(sexually attracted to both males and females). For some reason, my friend's wife is afraid of doing anything outside of marriage. Instead, she suggested her husband has a 'three way' with any of her friends. After telling me,my first reaction was that she was testing him. He said no, that she actually brought home a friend she made to start kissing him in presence of the wife. Instead, he ran out because it was a taboo to do anything outside of marriage. I was like dude, every married man would kill to be in your position right now. After talking with me briefly, he realized he was about missing a lifetime opportunity. Since then, he has enjoyed three Way with two of her wife's friends. The table turned three days ago, when the wife met a guy she really liked. Collected his phone number and suggested to her husband they invite the guy for a three way. When my friend refused, all hell broke loose. The wife has been furious. He has been complaining to me that he doesn't know what to do. Thats why I am seeking the opinion of my fellow 'naijaworlders'. What would you do in this kind of situation?

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