How Kim Kardashian Destroyed Kanye's Life


This divorce is by Kim Kardashian is an evil plan that was planned plotted and executed by none other than Kim kardashians mum THE ALMIGHTY MADAME KRIS JENNER!!!! Let me Explain The Kardashians are very smart Kim didn't just divorce Kanye out of the blues. No This divorce was planned years ago when Kim meet Kanye got into relationship. You see, the MADAME Almighty Kris Jenner was behind this evil plan What is This Evil Plan ? .Kim knowing Kanye's future worth and her knowing that Kanye will soon be a billonaire. She decided to have more kids with Kanye So that in the future when Kanye west become a billionaire BOOM She will divorce him and TAKE HALF OF THAT WEALTH. In American court system, once you have more than 3 kids from one woman When she divorce you a large percentage of your income will be awarded to the women as CHILD SUPPORT. THAT IS WHY KIM GAVE BIRTH TO 2 KIDS AND WHEN SHE COULDN'T GIVE BIRTH SHE EVEN WENT FOR SURROGATE TO GIVE HER ANOTHER CHILD. In the divorce case, she will win hands down. Since she has more children from Kanye. That billion dollars Kanye has a large chunk of it will be awarded to Kim Kardashian because she has more kids for child support. She played the game like a love-vendor $$$$$$$$$$ She was waiting for Kanye to hit the billion so she can divorce him and take half of that. Im sure this plan was designed by THE MADAME Kris Jenner. That woman na mad ass business love-vendor FEAR WOMEN BUT FEAR KARDASHIAN WOMEN MORE Let's say a lil prayer for our brother Kanye West.

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