How To Apply For Canadian Visa In 2021

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Do you want to move to Canada and you don’t know where to start I know how you feel, there are so many options out there about how to come to Canada and sometimes it can be overwhelming and confusing so what I’ve done is to layout for you and if then else logic of the options that are available to you and if they are not available to you some recommendations as to how to make them available. Here are the five ways on How to Apply for Canadian Visa in 2021. 5. The express Entry Program This is the most popular way and the way most people came to Canada. The Express Entry Program it’s a point-based system, the more points you have the greater chance of you being invited to apply for permanent residency. You can get points for different things such as age, educational background, work experience, English score, etc. Every month, and sometimes twice a month, a number is chosen by Canadian immigration as the cutoff point. People that reached the required points and above, are invited to apply for a visa. Go to school in Canada. After schooling work in Canada for at least a year. Make sure you score high in your IELTS English test. Work for longer in your home country to gain more foreign experience points. Up to 3 years will give you the maximum points. Work in a skilled, professional, or trades job that you have educational certification for. How to apply Find out if you’re eligible: Check your eligibility here Get your documents ready. Submit your profile. Receive an invitation and apply for permanent residence. 4. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) is a swift immigration program that allows employers to hire foreign nationals for jobs (they haven’t been able to fill locally) in Canada’s four Atlantic provinces Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. This program is employment driven, you must be employed by a Canadian national for you to be able to qualify for this program. How to apply Meet the requirements. Get a job offer: When a designated employer offers you a job, they’ll give you an Offer of Employment to a Foreign National from [IMM 5650] (PDF, 1. 54 MB). Fill the form and submit the required documents. Get your documents ready. Submit your application for permanent residence. Apply for a Temporary work permit (optional). Note: If you applied for permanent residence under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, you may be eligible for a 1-year work permit. The work permit lets you work while your permanent residence application is being processed.

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