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CONSTITUTIONAL FORCE MAJEURE: WHY NNAMDI KANU IS HIDING THIS AUTHENTIC WAY FROM IPOB On 16th December 2020, NINAS (alliance of Middle Belt and South ethnic nationalities) declared a Constitutional Force Majeure which simply means that we will no longer accept to live under an imposed and REPUDIATED Constitution that’s not a real one because “we the people” never made or agreed it. So this Constitutional Force Majeure is over a SOVEREIGNTY DISPUTE. The implications is that the Union of Nigeria is UPHELD by the 1999 Constitution. So, once it is TAKEN DOWN, the Union of Nigeria technically ceases to exist! (WONDERFUL!). But NINAS doesn’t want anarchy or war, so the Constitutional Force Majeure is an ORDERLY PROCESS. South Africa where White people had seized what belonged to Blacks and made them slaves using an Apartheid Constitution, got rid of that Constitution without war and in an orderly process monitored by UN and other international bodies, and that method is the NINAS example. This is just the background to my post, for full details of this Constitutional Force Majeure here is the website: The Declaration of the Constitutional Force Majeure is important to know as it affects our lives. Here is the link to full Declaration text of Constitutional Force Majeure Let’s get it right: this Constitutional Force Majeure is the pathway opened for either RESTRUCTURING or DISSOLUTION of One Nigeria. Ethnic nationalities will choose which option it will be by Referendums. So, Ijaw will ask Ijaw: Do you want to be in the Union of Nigeria, Yes or No? Yoruba will ask Yoruba: Do you want to be in the Union of Nigeria, Yes or No? Ogoni will ask Ogoni: Do you want to be in the Union of Nigeria, Yes or No? Igbo will ask Igbo: Do you want to be in the Union of Nigeria, Yes or No? The results of these Referendums will determine what happens next. I myself want Igbo to say NO! But I cannot impose my own desires on Igbos. There will be no imposition. I can only try hard to convince Igbos to vote NO! Now, LNC (today LNC-MNN) who are the custodians of this Constitutional Force Majeure Strategy had invited Nnamdi Kanu far back as in 2013 to tell him of this Self-Determination Strategy, so he can inform his Biafrans and IPOB cult followers. However, from that very day, Nnamdi Kanu began to say all manner of lies against LNC and its secretary-general Tony Nnadi (lawyer and expert in Jurisprudence) to distract Biafrans and IPOB cult followers away from this Strategy that will give all of us from South and Middle Belt that Freedom and Self-Determination we seek. Nnamdi Kanu did all this because he works like a fake pastor, promising what can never be, but manipulating his congregation to give money. We know what happened. As we Igbo continued to be industrious and look to our businesses etc, Nnamdi Kanu who hijacked IPOB from the founders was on social media making noise and lying about the number of worshippers he has. But he got attention. Then he manipulated his Biafran IPOB cult followers to bring themselves to get attention in newspapers by getting themselves killed or arrested. ALL THIS OFF COURSE NEVER BRINGING FORTH ANY SELF-DETERMINATION FOR IGBOS. Just death, and constant defeat. We all saw photos of IPOB cult followers lying on the ground, drinking mud in defeat. Just to let you know, Nnamdi Kanu’s rag tag Biafran army (ESN) is as fake as everything that schizophrenic man does. They are only about 17 in number, and don’t stay in the bush. They go home when they finish having videos taken. That’s why soldiers won’t find them in the bush. That video we saw of many men marching, was photoshopped from South Cameroon Ambazonia and made blurry, then given Igbo music voice over etc. I will make another post of a video where you can learn about that fraud more clearly for yourselves. There are reports that Nnamdi Kanu’s grandfather was chased out of his village in South Cameroon for madness in the family, then he came to Ala Igbo. Just as Buhari who we hear is from Niger Republic has a fixation for Niger Republic, Nnamdi Kanu has a fixation for South Cameroon/Ambazonia. Anyway, this Constitutional Force Majeure is the Self-Determination pathway that was opened for us by NINAS on 16th December 2020. From that time Nnamdi Kanu began to madly have articles written about his Biafra and his IPOB to distract especially people from SE and SS from the Constitutional Force Majeure, because Yoruba have grabbed a hold of it through their Ilana Omo Oodua which is the Yoruba platform in this NINAS alliance. All I can say is Ndi Igbo, Nnamdi Kanu and his Biafra IPOB of a thing has made us look like real f00ls. I would never have imagined that we who I thought were quite intelligent, could sink to the level of having a Supreme Leader! We, who have a culture of being democratic: Igbo enwe eze (Igbo have no king). We never were feudal, but Nnamdi Kanu brought feudalism to us, and Biafrans plus IPOB cult followers took it up! Even to our people kissing his feet, kneeling before him. I am ashamed of that type of behaviour that Biafrans have brought to Igbo. To Igbos and SS peoples, my advice to us is to learn from Yoruba and identify what is good for us, and reject what is bad for us. Yoruba are unstoppable in seeking self-determination for themselves, and are not being distracted, even by super power Tinubu. Meanwhile we Igbo are allowing a small boy, who never worked for any institution, who has no certificate (he was rusticated), who has no job except scamming people for easy money, who obviously has mental health issues (likely Schizophrenia), to distract us and befuddle our minds away from Constitutional Force Majeure, the authentic pathway ALREADY OPENED for us to get self-determination! Who did this to us? NINAS started the Constitutional Force Majeure Strategy in 1999, soon after the fraudulent 1999 Constitution was imposed on Nigerians. The Strategy has 16 Stages that includes forming Alliances etc, and international imperatives. It is now on Stage 14. So we are nearing the end of the journey to self-determination. Meanwhile Nnamdi Kanu and his Biafran IPOB haven’t even started. Nnamdi Kanu not only has no capacity to bring about any self-determination for anybody, so he lies. That in itself is very bad. But he knows the Constitutional Force Majeure is the way to that self-determination we seek, and he is hiding that pathway with distractions and more lies. This makes him doubly wicked! There is no time to waste! Freedom is calling and WE OURSELVES DELAY OUR OWN FREEDOM BY LINGERING IN THIS KIND OF ONE NIGERIA AND BEING DISTRACTED BY FAKE FREEDOM FIGHTERS!

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