Why Scammers Make You Fall For Their Investment Traps Always

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This is how a businessman was scammed of 7million naira in 2020… even with the lockdown, pandemic bla bla bla “This is a personal story of how I fell victim to a cheap scam all in the name of INVESTMENT.” I could remember how genuine the offer sounded, I was so eager to go get a loan just to ensure I don’t miss out of this unique, once in a lifetime “opportunity” Why? ...because over 500 persons had invested and the slot would be closing in less than 48hrs. These were the exact words of the man on the other side of the phone. I had to gather up all the money I had in my savings account just to ensure I didn’t miss the offer. I couldn’t just wait to make 6 million naira within the next 5 days after carefully doing my “so-called” calculations. (Greedy Me) I started immediately with about 50,000 naira, and just like he said, I made an extra 100,000naira in 2 days. This seemed so real. I had to go gather up 500,000naira to invest and at least be making an extra 1,000,000naira in 2 days. The first trial worked and I made 1,000,000 naira but the greed in me couldn’t allow me to think straight. I reinvested all the money and began to rejoice in expectation of a whooping sum of 2,000,000 naira. Things seemed right until the first day passed, then the second, and the third, and the fourth... Fast forward to 2 months down the line, my long expected 2 million naira was still hanging in thin air. But this guy sounded so real, how did I end up falling for this? I’ve never been scammed before, why now? These were my daily questions. I was almost getting depressed. But as usual, I had to do my personal research and found out that on a daily basis, over 75% of innocent victims fall prey to juicy offers like this and end up in tears. While getting to equip myself for this, I discovered some secrets behind the techniques of the scammers: • They take advantage of your vulnerability (they know you are hungry for more money and end up enticing you. Please control your hunger and think twice before falling for such) • Scammers have a way of playing with your psychological reasoning, they begin to act over nice with you till you fall victim.This doesn’t mean people aren’t nice, but there are ways to differentiate between genuinely good people and the former. • Scammers have a unique script to always make you fall for them (trust me, people have been earning from this, we would ensure you do so too) I took note of these strategies with some other techniques shared in the courses and researches I made and I discovered something AMAZING. I found that the main reason why people fall for scammers is because they want more money and aren’t ready to follow the process. I could tell you that the right strategy to stay on top of your finances without being tempted to fall for scams is by knowing where the real money is and sticking to it.” This story actually gave birth to this book “Where the money is” I know how annoying and depressing it can be for you to spend a whole lot of your time, efforts and even money in what you do and still end up being Scammed. Most people have been sent back to their villages by this and some have done things they vowed never to do. This book has come to take out this burden from you. Think of how much more money and time you'd have to spend on your goals and dreams. Perhaps you'd finally go on that vacation you've been dreaming of, buy the car of your dreams, or even move into a bigger house. There's only one problem. Getting to know where the money is!!! After all, don't you think everyone would be rich and wealthy if only they know where the money is? Well, sure, but not everyone will do what it takes to get the money from where it is. Typically, 75% of people who fall for quick money offers do so just because they aren’t ready to take the right steps towards making money. But why must I go through stress to make money? Fortunately, there's an answer to that to make you understand that it’s not stressful to make money but fun. With the ideas and principles shared in this book "Where the money is" , you can control your money yourself with zero stress but the only problem would be counting your money.. With our tested and proven knowledge in the 3Ms of Money, you'll get: • 5 super-persuasive strategies that will compel money to be submissive to you • 5 ways to make, manage and multiply money • Dozens of information on how to take advantage of the right money making strategies • 6 ways to establish a long-term relationship with money. It's like having your own banking hall in your room. But don't just take our word for it. Read what some more of our readers have to say: “I was really amazed at the points you gave in this book. I have made extra income from doing what I love best in the past weeks after following what you shared. I also didn't expect the follow-up training I got from you, it really helped me a lot.” Judith Igbokwe “I'm so happy I got this offer, I love the part where you explained the best steps to persuade my customers and compel them to buy from me. I tried it out and I made more sales than before. If you haven't read this book, you're missing a lot.” Juliet Emmanuel “This book is really a life-changing tool!!! I sold all my recent products in the space of a week without having to see any of my buyers” Precious Salome Maybe even after reading what our readers think, you're still on the fence. That's OK. You could ignore this offer and continue... ... Wasting money on juicy investment offers ... Selling less than your budgeted sales ... Making POORFIT instead of PROFIT ... Wondering what it's going to take to get a big boost in your finances ... settling for just imagining your dream Vacation, Car of you dreams, and bigger home Or, for just 2,500 naira, you could use the ideas and principles shared in this book "Where the money is" and get... • Super-persuasive tactics to COMPEL money to come your way • The potential to earn thousands more each day • Bigger Profits that could just turn your dreams of dream Vacation, Car of you dreams, and bigger home into a reality. But, DON'T DELAY! If you're ready to Make over 1000% in returns in just 48 hours, you'll want to take advantage of our special 2,500 naira offer now. Because we're expecting a high demand, we can only offer this price to the first 50 persons to take advantage of this Now!!! Lock in your rate today before the price increases!

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