Leave That Relationship Now!

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"Bisola, what is the problem? Why is your face this sad?" Aderonke asked her friend. "Ronke, I am tired of my relationship, this brother does not have control over his emotions, he can't even define his relationship with other ladies. "He gives every Tom, Dick and Harry open arms and be opening teeth with all joy! "And guess what? Irrespective of how I feel, he will still do this, he won't listen to me!" Bisola lamented. "Let me ask you my friend; do you think this brother is the right person for you? You both seem to me as parallel lines," Ronke chipped in. "Don't even go there," Abisoye yelled back. "I love him so well, don't you see how he sings? Do you know how many ladies want him and I'm the luckiest? I'll keep managing, he will change one day," she added. **** I will first clear this once and for all; if you beg to be in a relationship, you will keep begging to remain in that relationship! Having said that, the above fiction is not to say some men are not also holding on to relationships that even the blind knows won't work. It is the same with both sexes. Why are you still in a relationship where you're abused? Mind you, abuse does not occur only when you're beaten. You can be emotionally abused too. If he or she will not welcome your opinion no matter what, it is a form of abuse. Why are you still holding on to a relationship where your visions are on parallel lines? If you keep patching it into marriage, it will get worse in marriage and by then, it may be difficult for you to walk away. Some years ago, one of my spiritual daughters kept having issues in her relationship. I am naturally not someone who will tell you quit your relationship except we're quite close, because experience has taught me that some people are too young to handle truth and they take it out on you. So, I advised this my daughter to leave the relationship, not because they didn't love each other, but because they didn't seem compatible. There is always a place for compatibility, you cannot run a marriage on parallel lines which do not meet. Today, though, she and her former lover are both happy with their different spouses to be. There's an adage in my language that says, "if the head will not be straight, we will know from the neck." Therefore, if the marriage will be shabby, you will know from the courtship days except you decide to deceive yourself. If your love is blind, marriage will open it. Leave that relationship that is not right now and make yourself right. If you stay or remain on a broken glass, you will keep hurting but if you walk over it, you will hurt but will (soon) heal. Check yourself, relationship will not ease loneliness, if you have not found happiness in yourself, you cannot enjoy happiness from someone else! Stop enduring and enjoy the life God has for you. Good morning For more articles; visit www.kingdomelectyouth.com

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