Barr Ekpenyong Begs For An Audience With Gov Udom Over N1.5bn Fine By Court


Leo Ekpeyong Begs For An Audience With Gov Udom Emmanuel Over N1. 5bn Fine By Court ...... says Senator Akpabio has abandoned him Earlier last week, Barr. Leo Ekpeyong, the serial blackmailer and staunch supporter of Senator Godswill Akpabio, the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs was pictured at the Liaison offices, Lagos and Abuja begging to have an audience with the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel over the N1. 5bn placed on him as fine for defamation of character. He had appealed that he should at least be given an audience with the Governor, or his phone number be released to him so he could apologise to him. "I need to speak with the Governor, he needs to hear me out. I have wronged him and the entire State. I didn't publish the story because of my hatred for him, I did that due to the wrong information I was given. Please you need to help me out, there is absolutely noway I can manufacture 1. 5 billion Naira from. Even the man that swore he will protect my interest against all odds has left me to my fate. The governor is a good and kindhearted man, please just let me talk to him". According to an eye witness who pleaded anonymity, narrated to our reporter how desperate Barr. Ekpenyong was to have an audience with the governor. "Ekpenyong had refused to leave the liaison office even after being told that no one has the governor's personal contacts. He was still there begging as a child who is afraid of being beaten by the parents. He even apologized that he never would have believed his publication on METRODAILYNG. COM would cause him such an hilarious disaster. He confessed that the key reason for the article published was to gain the trust of his principal, Senator Akpabio who has left him to carry his cross alone". The libelous publication on the online newspaper had landed him in court last year. The charges included; publication of offensive materials, false publication and false statements that violate several sections of the State Internal Security Law. The Court on the 15th of December 2020, gave it verdict and had consequently ordered Leo Ekpeyong to pay the sum of 1. 5billion Naira to the claimant, Deacon Udom Emmanuel as general damages. Ekpeyong shall write and publish an apology to the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel in the online newspaper METRODAILYNG. COM in which he had published the libelous article. He will also pay the claimant the sum of 100,000 naira as cost of action. Left with no other tactics to escape the wrath of the law, and his principal, Akpabio neglecting him as a plague.

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