IPOB WORLDWIDE LTD IS A PRIVATE COMPANY - NNAMDI KANU SHOULD FUND IT WITH BANK LOAN Stop giving that fraudster Nnamdi Kanu money to fund his IPOB/ESN agberos. IPOB WORLDWIDE LTD is a private company. Many people have their own private company then fund it with a bank loan or family/friends loan. If I start a private business today, should I now start doing scams so other people can give me money to fund it? What a rubbish and nonsense Nnamdi Kanu is doing. He's in Britain. His IPOB WORLDWIDE LTD private company is registered in Britain. So let the British banks give him his funding. He was bragging that he put bounty of 100 million naira on Gov Wike's head. Let him spend that 100 million on his agberos, then get a bank loan. Nnamdi Kanu, acts like a child, not a grown man in his 50s! Go get a bank loan!

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