What Can I Do When Maltreated By My Employers?


So I've been a guest for a while but had to create this account to say this Dear Nigerian employers, pls normalize paying your staff on time. It's so sad that the company I work for at the moment, Massey Vickers Pharmacy, Lagos is yet to pay us our December salary till today being 12th of a new month. All the staff of all 3 branches. O wrong nau. Unfortunately for me, I didn't know this was their way of life. Despite repeated complaints to the management since I came here, things have not changed instead it keeps worsening. I left my previous place thinking here was better but now I regret it. They will still find a way to even deduct your salary before you finally receive it Pls if you have any good job with kind hearted employers pls Dm me. I've worked with a few organizations and have learnt a lot. I'm also open to any business opportunities as well. It's better than being a slave

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