Please Invest In Me!


I'm not going to lie, last year was a complete nightmare, (wouldn't want to bore with my pity story) within the twinkle of an eye, I went down to zero. Hoping for the best this year starting from the end of the month. Nevertheless, one needs to stay alive to even get to see the end of the month. In view of this, please I am asking for any form of favour to help me get through the month of January. 1. Loan of 10k (to pay back with interest at the end of the month when paid, and will provide you with any form of authentication required) 2. Let me help you write your articles to get paid. Or, 3. Please buy my phone to have a means to eat at least. (I must confess, the phone is not in a very good condition, na manage) Doing this out of despair and as a last resort in seeking help. Believe me it's not easy asking people for help, especially as I am introverted. As I type this, chingbai, chi chi, no dey my hand, let alone food in the belly. It's a hopeless situation right here. I can be reached at Thank you.

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