Girl Friend Cheated On Me With


So, babe and I have been on and off since UNI,. Finally asked us to be committed 2019, I accepted. December 2020, I travelled for Christmas and came back towards the end of the year. Gf told me she slept with some older guy and couldn’t deal with not telling me. Said she made wrong decisions and could have done better, that I always gave a vibe of not been committed and would usually give her doubts about our relationship. Really hard to process, cause I was considering taking things serious this year and she has been buzzing my phone, but already had a discussion with her that I do not want to continue. Thing is, I really like the girl, I was her first - coached, provided guidance on life and career, cheer her on, encouraged her and stuff. Said she wants me in her life and would do anything to make it right, I just don’t know how to move from here, plus if I accept her, it’s likely to be a long distance relationship cause I’m out of town most times. Please, is there a way to come back from this, even though my head is telling me to move on , but the fvcking heart is trying to reconsider. TL:DR. Long term gf cheated on him and confessed, told her it’s over but still Carr deeply for her cause she’s day one and any new girl would only meet an improved version/person and not the guy starting from base 1

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