Pope Francis Set To Get Vaccinated, Says Its Ethical


Pope Francis announced that he is about to receive a Covid-19 vaccine and has urged Catholic faithfuls to get vaccinated, citing that getting vaccinated is an ethical choice to protect the life of others. The Pope announced this on Saturday in an interview with an Italian news channel. He said:“I believe that ethically, everyone should take the vaccine. It is an ethical choice because you are gambling with your health, with your life, but you are also gambling with the lives of others.” The Pope said the Vatican has commenced plans to launch its own vaccination programme next week, and that he has booked himself to receive the vaccine.“Next week, we will start doing it here, in the Vatican, and I have booked myself in. It must be done.” The Vatican disclosed this Month that it would vaccinate all residents and workers who live outside the walls of the Vatican. The Vatican added that it has acquired an ultra-cold refrigerator to store vaccines developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, which must be stored at minus 70 Celsius.

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