Why Is Mine Different.


Please help! There is this girl I just wanted to strap an walk away, but after the first time, affection developed, it keeps increases. She is that kind of girl that doesn't like Sex. So I have to beg her until she gives in. Character wise she's so insulting and stubborn. It has if I'm being remoted, keep loving her the more despite the fact that I seriously detests an insulting woman. it turn my off very quickly. We keep having misunderstanding, i'll apologise till the points she made up mind to quite. I find myself kneeling and begging her not to leave She bluntly refuse. But she loves me to some level, she's not the type that cheat. At a point of the misunderstanding, I went to the mother to relate my interest in her daughter,( for future marriage) jut to proof my stupid point to her that I love her. But she to no avail. She'll be 19 this year. Sincerely she's not match with the kind of lady I'll love mingle with. I am late 20s, I don't keep many girls at the same time. I don't cheat, when am in a relationship. I've notice this things when I am in a relationship: 1. I've notice it's difficult to get reed of an Ex. 2 .If I say I love you in a relationship even if I was lying, the love will begins to develop. 3. At initial state, won't be serious but if I have sex, I'll develop seriousness and I can't control my level of passion and emotion again. 4. Also, I'm a very jealous type. most time I can't control my reactions, (not slapped) but the kind of words. why is It always difficult to move on? Please how can I take away this kind of softness. please help a brother.

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