Know Some Foods That Are Not Friendly To Epididymitis Patients

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Epididymitis is a common disease in non-particular contamination of male reproductive program, largely in younger and middle-older people. When different reasons cause the decrease of their very own resistance, pathogenic agents can consider the opportunity invade the epididymis and cause inflammation. For epididymitis patients, diet is essential. Some food products are valuable for the treatment of epididymitis. They can eat far more refreshing vegetables and fruits, boost the absorption of vitamin C and other elements to enhance the body's contra --inflamation ability. However, many foods needs to be ingested significantly less or be prevented. Tend not to take in hot and spicy, exciting food like onion, pepper, mustard, fennel as these types of food can aggravate inflammation and epididymitis is challenging to cure. At the same time, excitatory beverages such as gourmet coffee can not be intoxicated. Generally, you can't consume uncooked and cool food. Try eating fewer so-named your hair goods such as pig's hooves, sea food soup, mutton, etc. because these foods can cause increased secretions in inflamed locations, further more infiltration and spread out of orchitis and aggravation of signs. For the patients with normal signs and symptoms, they can go to the Office of Andrology or urology, by means of scrotal ultrasonography, prostatic liquid exam, urethral release tradition and so forth, to find out whether there are pathological modifications in testis and epididymis. If germs or chlamydia mycoplasma are beneficial, it is proposed that sensitive prescription antibiotics must be given priority in drug sensitivity analyze. Sufferers with testicular cyst or testicular nodule, if the range is huge and the soreness of pressure is evident, they can be resected operatively. If there is epididymal tuberculosis, anti--tuberculosis treatment method can be provided very first. If the effect of traditional treatment is not good, harmless natural medication Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be picked. For more information, please feel free to refer to for details and knowledge. It can treat orchitis and epididymitis. On one side, it can remove pathogens triggering pathological changes of testis and epididymis, and can effectively sterilize and eradicate inflammation. Alternatively, its method can effectively eradicate swelling, pain and discomfort of testis and epididymis with the result of marketing blood circulation and marketing qi, diuresis and drenching. In add-on, it can also treat the complications of tiny cysts and nodules of epididymis.

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