How To Make Ofe Nsala


Nsala soup, also called white soup is a delicious soup in Igbo land. It is the only soup made without palm oil, so it tends to look like a slightly thick pepper soup. You can use fresh catfish, that is what is surd traditionally, but I don’t like fish, so I decided to use goat meat and assorted meat. WHAT YOU WILL NEED -Goat meat -Assorted cow meat -Dry fish -Uziza seed -Ehuru (African nutmeg) -Yam -Dry crayfish/prawn -Fresh pepper -Seasoning cubes -Ogiri (optional as I didn’t use in mine) -Uziza leaves -Utazi leaves Pic 1: Some of my basic ingredients Pic 2: Local spices Pic 3: Meat (goat meat and assorted cow meat) Pic 4: Raw yam

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