Finding A Wife


Finding a wife: 1. She has to be a woman that can keeps her words. Is her word her bond? Trust is the very foundation. 2. She should be devoted to family first. She should be able to nurture a child the natural way. 3. Does she put her career first? Is she selfish? A selfish woman is nothing but a garbage. 4. She should respect you as a leader. 5. She should be modest. No revealing clothes (women are more critical of themselves than men do. Whatsoever a woman wears, she knows why she wore it). No seeking attention of men? Men shouldn’t be calling her phone all the time. She should carry herself with respect, with dignity and with class. No use of profanity because you should be concerned on what you want your children to be exposed to. 6. Is she willing to grow? As an adult, no one really cares about what happened to you as a child. So as an adult, are you’ll willing to grow and learn for the benefit of your family so you can teach your children what’s right? Nothing is worse than an unteachable woman. A woman needs to be groomed. That’s why the man is called the bridegroom; he grooms the bride. 7. She knows how to speak and when to speak? That’s wisdom. Women have a very powerful mouth and their words cuts like swords. 8. Is she a good homemaker? Good hygiene? Her house and body always fresh and clean. Her car also fresh and clean. No dirty clothes all over the floor. No dirty ditches and cockroaches. 9. What about her conduct and attitude towards the thing of God? Could she be a good example to other young women? Is she striving on spirituality, to be smart and better? 10. What’s her family like? Any psychos? She should have a father figure in her life (very very important). I said a father figure, not a father, because most fathers these days acts like little girls in the name of being progressive, allowing his wife to have the rule over him. Any woman who doesn’t have a father figure in her life is simply a rebellious woman, and of course, a Jezebel. My brother run ooo. 11. Does she love her family, her people / ethnicity? Is she contented with her looks, gender and ethnicity/race? No bleaching and the rest? A wife is different from a woman. A godly woman is different from a Christian woman. When finding a wife, look for a godly woman, not a Christian woman.

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