The Voice Of God To All Nations Of The World


THIS IS THE VOICE OF GOD TO ALL NATIONS OF THE WORLD THROUGH CHRIST FOR ALL SOULS MINISTRY. Thus says the Lord: I'm the Lord of all flesh. I am before all things and in me all things hold together says the Lord. I'm speaking as God that dwell in heaven, comfort my people, heal their wound and brings home those who have lost their way says the Lord. Thus says the Lord: Comfort my people and tell my people in all over the world that I have already comforted them. Thus says the Lord: There's may be gnashing of teeth, sorrow, murmuring, tell my people that I have eased their stress and overturned their story says the Lord. On the mark of beasts. Thus says the Lord of hosts: they said, it is time to implant microchips into the people, without the microchips they cannot buy and sell. Tell my people that there's "No weapon formed against them shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against them in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord." You're under my hedge of protection, I'm the Mighty Man in battle says the Lord. Thus says the Holy one of Israel: tell those ravenous wolves that they should be overly cautious with my people. I am the Lord of all flesh says the Lord. SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS. I stood in the middle of the world, says the Lord of hosts: I stand up to avenge for my people. And tell them that I have already comforted them and I have allowed rapid transformation in spheres among my people, tell them to go out and win souls for me. There's nothing to be scared about. In spite the fact that their oppressors have used dubious means to gathered wealth for themselves. I have rendered them useless and powerless says the Lord. I have spread my gospel to all the nations that did not recognize me and I showed myself to them and allowed my words to dwell with them says the Lord. Thus says the Lord: I am the God of all flesh and I'm speaking as of old. Thus says the Lord: Among those who call themselves mine but inwardly they're not mine but devil, I will expose them, says the Lord. All the false prophet that come to you in sheep's clothing among my people shall be exposed says the Lord. Thus says the Lord: spread my good news message to all the people in the world. Satan have been harvesting, my gospel is not evenly circulated yet... Thus says the Lord: there may be famine, gnashing of teeths and all what I created may work against the people but nothing will touch my people. It's not time for the Lucifer the enemy of your souls to capture the world. Thus says the Holy one of Israel: who sit in the pinnacle of the earth, spread my gospel and tell the whole world that there's no other God except me, there's no one that partnered with me, that remain stranded, Go and prosper, go and dominate the whole world, go out and win many souls for me. Any tongue that rises against you in judgment shall be condemn, those that curses you shall be cursed. Thus says the Lord: I will move mightily in all the nations, those people who called themselves powerful shall be slaughter like ordinary people, I will humble all the people in power says the Lord. Thus says the Lord: I'm the Living water, let the wise will drink from it. I planted a tree, it sprout from the soil, I allowed it from heaven to reach the earth, those in the heaven plucked fruits from the tree and those in the soil are eating from it, people in the earth are also eating from the fruits. The branches touches everywhere. Blessed are the people eating from the tree of life and whoever does not eat from the tree, shall utterly perish because it's the tree of life. Endeavor to eat from the tree says the Lord. I AM THE MERCIFUL GOD SAYS THE LORD

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