Like Dele Giwa's


Fraudulent politicians hope to reach Trump's height But they treat their constituents like trash in a dumpsite They captain thugs in state owned arsenals as if they're Thierry Henry Made that happy mother down the street a teary mummy While the honey in her mouth now taste worse than a soured marmalade They think they're the strongest on this bridge like Ngolo Kante But the path their eternity will follow, they can't say Everybody is afraid to tell them this ugly truth Even when their policies invite vultures to our dusty roof I'm tired of being afraid to express myself Like a repentant witch wanting to confess herself The whole nation is covered in red like the defeated San Siro Then it got me asking if our nation's boatman can still row Because they want the powers that drove emperor Nero crazy They abuse human rights, gage the press, though we're in democracy Instead of repairing the walls teachers holding rods slave between They'd fly their kids to England, singing, "God save the Queen" Before you call me a son of a gun You won't find a thug as one of their sons So why do youths attack who they declare most wanted Leaving these youths at nights to become ghost haunted? When I see Democracy and how they made her back bent It makes me wish that I were Clark Kent I couldn't sleep last night until 2 AM Though the electorate don't want them to continue They'd campaign, saying, "I've got something new" I'm just trying to use my pen to fight for my people like Dele Giwa's But I hope my picture isn't used as a remainder where they pay killers Especially as I charge alone against these looters like Cesare Borjia But life's the market everybody exits, including the Iya Loja © Seezzy

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