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INVEST IN YOUR CAREER! * After school, you’ll be forced to make choices between spending time on qualifications and getting work experience. There’s a disconnect today between the skills you get at school and university, and the skills you need in your job. * Our education isn’t giving us what we need to do our jobs well anymore. So, if you have a good first degree, choose work experience. Never turn an internship down because learning how to work in teams and how to collaborate are crucial skills that you can’t learn in school. * You need to be a mile deep. A lot of people you meet can talk about a lot of things but they don’t have a firm foundation in many of them. The problem with that is that they can’t deal with things when they become complex. * You need deep technical expertise in something. It’s tempting to be a generalist when you start your career, but you need at least one area where you’re a specialist. It could be Heavy machinery operations. *Get qualified in no time and become a Professional heavy machinery operator today, available lucrative opportunities in the ports, warehouses, manufacturing, production and in the oil and gas. If you’re looking to get back on solid ground and find a way to ensure a productive career, heavy equipment training can offer you a way back to stability. Despite the damages from bad governance, the changing seasons, and the unsure nature of just about everything at the moment, you can be sure of one thing: "builders will still be needed". And heavy equipment operators will remain a steady backbone of that industry. Whether it’s improving infrastructure projects, rebuilding damaged homes and property, hauling goods and materials to where they’re needed, or mining the raw materials to rebuild, heavy equipment operators will be needed in the future to make sure all the jobs get done. Nigeria Labour Force estimated that jobs for heavy equipment operators would grow by at least four percent between 2019 and 2029 — a rate equal to the average compared to all other occupations. With an average median pay well above 800k per annum for even first-year operators, heavy equipment training offers a path to a dependable job that is accessible to most, quick to shift into, and stable enough to be counted on to provide for you and your family. Equilog Training Institute knows what works when it comes to heavy equipment training. You expect a quality experience that will provide the fundamental knowledge needed for entry-level employment, and the credentials and/or certifications that will show potential employers what you have learned and the types of equipment you are qualified to operate. At Equilog Training Institute, students will receive all of that in a condensed, efficient setting. Our training courses are theory and practical based sessions, duration's between four weeks — eight weeks — with 90% of that time spent with in-the-seat training ( Practical hands on machine). At Equilog, you will be operating real equipment — not simulators. Registration is currently ongoing for the next batch of trainings starting February 22nd, 2021, See available courses,

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