Here Are Top Reasons Why You Should Avoid Nigerian Men


Honestly,being a Nigerian man and a Nigerian brought up,I must tell you that Nigerian men are VERY TOXIC in nature. 1) We never want to see our women progress: Any lady you see progressing in Nigeria will always be termed a hoe. All because we want them to be slaves to us,we don't ever want to see our women make it bigger than us. Instead,we find ways to end her career. 2) We request sex for grades or promotion at work: As a lady,you can barely survive with Nigerian men. Because we'll always see you as an avenue to get sex,even when you're not interested. You can't graduate from school without having sex with one male lecturer or the other. You can't get a decent job without having to go through different sexual harassments. 3) We are very dirty: Cleanliness in an average Nigerian man is ZERO. They sweat all day and still come home to have sex. Even without taking their bath. 5) We like to drag our ladies into our mess: Our ladies always go about their beautiful life but,we always find ways of making them look bad in public whereas we are the main evil beings. 6) All an average Nigerian man think of when they see you is "sex" : Nothing more,nothing less. Even underage marriages are being practised till date. Goats and cows are being raped on a daily. I'll load more and next time,I'll add links to the crimes committed by both males and females so you can weigh for yourself who the master of uselessness is. WE NIGERIAN MEN ARE USELESS AND DESPICABLE.

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