Factory Reset


FACTORY RESET I might not have the voice but I know that am.speaking against the noise of unrepentance. The season calls for total overhaul of self and all negative vices that weighs us down and makes us incessibile to liberty. God always finds a way to make us come back to him, he uses every avenue available to make us see reasons to be better people. Often times he goes as far as reseting our minds and hearts back to how we were from the onset or what I call "factory setting" So many things weighs us down, the probelms of life and the negative relationships we engage with out fellow man tells us more about the need to live differently and more better. Truly love is the bedrock of any purposeful relationship of all kinds beyond all the roses and glamours its so important we take a check in our lives and see if we are living to expectations. Wrongs will always erupt no matter how perfect you are in any form of relationship, misunderstanding, strife, assumptions, misinterpretation and mostly all forms of downtimes, the ability to truly forget every action and word is the most hardest part of a relationship. Correct in love, shun every negative vibes, take time to know those you dealing with, try and make ammends, accept your wrongs and live trying to be better and accessible. Check through good relationships that survived in love, they built their lives accompanied with prayers offered as a yardstick to build formidable foundations that lasted the test of time. The sacrifices for factory reset draws us closer to love, forgiveness, accountability, prayer, acceptance and compassion for others. Vivsravine speaks © Or messenge me on Facebook on oparah ahunna vivian or jion my Facebook page on Vivsravine page for more on my write ups on life and relationships.

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