Best Exercises You Can Do For Wider Hips

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First of all, you should get to know that exercising does shape the body. You may have been admiring other ladies with curvaceous booty and hips every time you open your gram, and now you’re thinking of having that kind of look. To achieve this, you’ll have to work hard and be consistent with these booty exercises. If you’re a beginner, I would advise you to make use of your body weight for a start until you feel at ease. You can select at least three of the exercises and complete them three times a week. When the exercises start to get stress-free, you can up the weight or add a set to keep on challenging yourself. These exercises can help you get that curvy look 1.   Curtsy lunges 2.   Fire hydrants 3. Donkey Kicks 4.   Leg circles 5.   Resistance Band Clam Shells 6. Side leg press 7.   Squat hip abduction For an in-depth explanation of these exercises and how you can go about them, check out If you’re looking to build a strong backside, you need to focus on your gluteus maximus by doing a lot of squats and lunges. However, this exercise helps in strengthening glute muscles that execute hip abduction, or the movement of your thighs out to the side, it also tightens your butt. When you first begin these exercises, make sure to make use of your own body weight. As you get stronger, you can now decide to add resistance in the form of resistance bands or weights. .

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